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Steve Blank Untarnished Jewelry History of gems

image of gems for Untarnished Jewelry Steven BlankAll jewelry begins with raw materials from the earth or the sea. Fantastic works of art in their own right, they have been crafted and forged by nature over hundreds and thousands of years.

The desire of human beings to decorate their bodies, clothing, or homes is ancient and identified across all continents and cultures.

Some of the items we consider gems of great value today were once mere baubles, tokens of currency or trade.

Some gem stones have caused wars, crimes, untold suffering, celebrated thefts and tales of smuggling. There are many stories to be told about the history and geology of gemology and jewelry - here is just one.

Steve Blank Untarnished Jewelry diamonds.In 1649, following the bloody Civil War in England, Oliver Cromwell had the celebrated Crown Jewels of England totally dissasembled. The stones were sold and the gold melted down for currency.

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